Meet Lyndsey

Welcome, friend!

I've been an improv coach, food pantry coordinator, young adult minister, sailor, backpacker, caterer to famous people, and SAT question writer. Now I'm a theology nerd and inexpert social justice advocate in Charleston, South Carolina.

I have a Master's degree in Theological Studies from Boston University School of Theology and a good stack of rejection letters from other places and publications. If you're also a theology nerd, you may want to know that I consider myself uncomfortably Anglican: obsessed with Eucharist, theologically conservative, but socially liberal.  You'll also find my Nazarene, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, and Orthodox leaking out with regularity.

I write for people who are strung out on doing and people who need a break from the shouting. These words are for the benchwarmers, the rulebreakers, and the Luna Lovegoods in the back of the class asking why. I keep a seat open and a beer cold for skeptics, leavers, losers, addicts, sticklers, and wallflowers. And Jesus. I think Jesus is here with us, too.

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